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The Locavore Way: Discover And Enjoy The Pleasures Of Locally Grown Food (2009)

by Amy Cotler(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 2
1603424539 (ISBN13: 9781603424530)
Storey Publishing, LLC
review 1: So you’ve become convinced of the health, taste and environmental benefits of eating local, sustainably raised foods. Now what? This handbook has lots of suggestions and resources to help make the transition to the locavore lifestyle, from how to cook all the weird new foods you’ll be trying to how to become involved in food politics, should you be so inclined. It covers a lot of ground in a fairly superficial way, and there’s a bit too much repetition and filler, but also lots of useful resources listed for seeking out more information.I read this in ebook format and I would definitely recommend going for the print version, for ease of browsing and referring to specific sections. There are some links included in the ebook, but the ones I tried didn't work corre... morectly.
review 2: This is a sweet and easy-to-read book that is great for newbies. Totally non-threatening and there's no finger-wagging. Just encouragement and basic advice for getting started on a healthier, tastier, more local diet.It's a little clunky in that all resources -- websites, agencies, lists of farms, etc. -- are in the back, with the reader regularly directed to look in the "Resources" section. It would have improved the ease of use if they had also been put into the text as they are mentioned.The recipes look tasty.Includes a glossary of food-related terms. less
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Go to farmer's market. Grow your own food. Support local. That is basically all this book says.
Nice format. Good book for beginners. Lots of ideas for starting this new way of life.
Pretty common sense info. Will consult the suggested further reading.
A comprehensive survey and introductory guide to local foods.
Basic book about eating locally
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