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Inquisition (2009)

by Alfredo Colitto(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
1847444784 (ISBN13: 9781847444783)
review 1: A fast-paced mystery occurring near the beginning of the Inquisiton years when torture was JUST getting started and not all the means of creating pain were perfected yet. A good accounting of the time period and creates the world of the 14th Century in pretty good detail. Several surprises along the with an ending that is believable and well constructed. Highly recommended for those that enjoy the historical period surrounding 14th and 15th century Europe.
review 2: A murder mystery set in Italy around 1300. The main characters are a medical doctor doing pioneering studies in anatomy, an inquisition-er, and an ex-templar. For the most part the story is predictable. The ending was well done and held a number of surprises. Sometimes there are books where the stor
... morey starts out well, and the ending seems to be a bit of an afterthought. The story almost seems to drag, I'm not sure that could be changed, and make the ending work. less
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A good mystery. I enjoyed the little cliffhangers and the story itself was a good one.
Really enjoyed the book. Easy to read. Had a few twists and turns too. A good read.
I loved it but I think I'm in a minority here.
so far so good....
Enjoyable read.
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