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United States Of Pie: Regional Favorites From East To West And North To South (2012)

by Adrienne Kane(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
006206407X (ISBN13: 9780062064073)
review 1: Not only does USP provide yummy recipes, it takes you on a road trip across the USA. Kane first separates the country into four sections, adds a personal story about a journey where she learns about a particular pie, and favorite/famous recipes from each section. Kane includes a brief historical background about each pie, along with how the locals prefer to eat their pies. I learned about pies of old, pies of new, and pies of things you would not excepts. My favorite recipe is the Maine Wild Blueberry, except I used regular, plump berries rather than Maine's famous tiny ones. The flavor is phenomenal! When I find the time, I will eventually bake my way around the country without leaving cozy kitchen.
review 2: My husband loves pie, which is why he got this
... more book for Christmas. It is full of out-of-the-ordinary pie recipes many of which sound delicious. It also includes background info on the various pies and essays about regional pie makers to start each chapter. The directions for making the pies are clear and the sidebars on unusual ingredients and how to make component parts of the recipes (if you want to render your own lard, or make your own pumpkin puree, this book tells you how) are informative. The chapter about making pie crust makes it sound do-able. I liked Kane's philosophy that even a less-than-perfect pie is a learning experience and probably still going to be delicious. less
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good pie cookbook!
Best crusts ever.
I love pies!!
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